Ophthalmic Needles

End and eye types

Channel, double, drilled end, regular eye

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Anatomy of needles

3/8 circle (curved), 1/2 circle, 1/2 curved (J shaped), 1/4 circle, 5/8 circle, straight

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Did you know?

Barber produce a range of bespoke needles for many companies both in small and large volume

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“We pride ourselves on offering a range of high quality needles manufactured to national and international standards at competitive prices.”

Here at Barber of Sheffield, all of our opthalmic needles are produced to meet the highest standards required for modern micro-surgery.

Our commitment to continuous research and technical development means that we have created a premium product range of ophthalmic needles. They combine outstanding quality with optimal levels of functionality. As a result of these manufacturing developments, we can now deliver our customers a product that is combination of a high strength needle with a finely honed point which is also extra sharp. 

Barber ophthalmic needles are formed from the highest quality maraging steel. This conforms to Custom 455 regulations. These needles are carefully age-hardened to give them maximum strength and ductility properties once they have been heat treated. • Duly age-hardened so as to give optimum strength & ductility after heat-treatment.

This type of needle retains the sharp cutting edge for an extended amount of time, as well as a guaranteed low penetration force. This helps to minimise the level of trauma to the tissue due to precise controls of point geometry. 

  • Flattened needles with spatulated point.
  • Triangular needles with reverse cutting point.
  • ‘Slim blade’ micro-needles with cutting edge point
  • Ophthalmic needles with sutures

Ophthalmic needles with sutures

We can give you options on how you would you like your needles supplied. Barber of Sheffield can either deliver your needles packed in bulk orders or give you the choice of having sutures attached to the needles.

All needle products are supplied in a sterile condition, carefully packed individually. Each item is wrapped separately on a foam winder, with over 100 winders per box.

If you prefer a different packing or shipment method, we will be happy to accommodate your specific requirements. 

Professional Advice

Our expert team will be able to advise you on our product ranges and how we can meet your specific needs. Please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help with your enquiry.

Quality Assured

All of our products are fully guaranteed and produced to the highest standards of quality.

Did You Know?

We can create unique and bespoke products for whatever your specific needs require. Barber produce batches of needles in both small and large quantities. Whether it is a specialist size or different needle shape, we will do our best to create the perfect product for you.