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Acupuncture, the process of placing fine needles into the skin at specific points that are considered to be lines of energy. Used for a variety of physical and mental conditions to restore a patient’s health. Despite being around for centuries acupuncture facials are fairly new and taking the world by storm. A number of celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Martha Stewart have already test driven the trend to see how well it works.

Acupuncture facials are designed to reduce the number of wrinkles on the face, firm sagging skin and muscles and bring back a youthful glow to the face. It was first discovered in Hollywood as a hushed form of plastic surgery as directors were complaining that Botox and surgery were preventing actors from moving their faces properly. Acupuncture facial however do not pose any threat to the movement of ones face making it the ideal facelift solution for those who still want to express themselves through the face.

Acupuncture works in two ways. Needles that are inserted into wrinkles on the face have an almost immediate effect. The needles cause microtrauma to the collagen which helps to encourage regrowth to fill in the lines where wrinkles have appeared.  The second way it works is with a wand that delivers microcurrents to the skin. This damages the collagen which then helps to improve muscle tone by relaxing those that are tight and toning those that are weak.

When having acupuncture facials you may think it strange but needles are also placed in the legs and the hands. It is thought that by doing this the treatment will have lasting effects as the root of the problem is targeted better. By placing needles in the hands and legs you are not only addressing stress on the face but stress in the body for a more thorough treatment.

Acupuncture facials have been proven to work well and patients are generally pleased with the results they get. Not only will acupuncture treat the skin but it can also help to treat insomnia, fatigue and tired looking skin. When feeling healthy it tends to show in the skin with it being the biggest organ on the body.

Aside from the treatment working one of the most appealing things about acupuncture is that it doesn’t require you to go under the knife. This means that you undergo no incisions, sutures or acid peals. As a result you will not show signs of bruising or need to recover from the procedure.

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