Surgical Needle Types

There are a variety of different surgical needles used in the medical industry for carrying out various different procedures.  The surgical needle is a fantastic piece if kit that has enabled us to move forward in medicine and perform lifesaving operations.

Hypodermic needles:

Hypodermic needle is the name given to a needle and syringe. This type of needle is used for taking blood and for administrating medication. It was originally produced in 1953 but it wasn’t mass produced until 1954 to tackle Polio. The hypodermic needle has enabled those in the medical profession to give lifesaving drugs to those who need them both safely and hygienically.  As well as this it has allowed them to take blood, a procedure that is important for testing for diseases, and a procedure that allows individuals to donate blood.

Suture needles:

Suture needles are used for closing wounds after a fall or after going into surgery. They can be used for skin closure, plastic surgery and for suturing tissues internally. Different types of suture needles include…

  • Straight needles – straight needles are used for skin closure. They are most commonly used on an area with good visibility as there is no need to use a needle holder.
  • Curved needles – this is the most common type of surgical needle used. They come in a variety of configurations for use in different situations. Types of curved needle available include…
      • ½ circle needles – used for skin closures, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, respiratory, cardiovascular, oral and nasal surgeries.
      • ¼ circle needles – these are typically used for carrying out micro surgery and ocular procedures.
      • 3/8 circle needles – like the ½ circle needles these are used for skin closures, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, respiratory, cardiovascular, oral and nasal surgeries.
      •  5/8 circle needles – these are used for cardiovascular, oral and nasal surgery.
  • Cutting needles – cutting needles are stronger and sharper than curved needles as they are used for penetrating the skin and other body tissues. There are two types of cutting needle used in surgery…
      •    Taper cut needles – the taper cut needle is used for piercing connective tissues.
      •  Reverse cutting needle – the reverse cutting needle is often used during plastic surgery and ophthalmic surgery. This type of needle is designed to cause less trauma.
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