Nurse Reuses Syringe for Flu Jabs
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A nurse based at Otsuka Pharmaceutical in New Jersey may have passed on HIV or Hepatitis to sixty eight employees working there. The employees who were due a flu jab were treated by a nurse who failed to change the syringe used for administrating the jab. Although the needles were changed for each patient using the same syringe can still put a person at risk of receiving infected blood.

Unfortunately for the patients they are now in for a long wait as it can take months for HIV to even show up in the blood.  As you can imagine those waiting are most likely feeling anxious as they hear for news of their results. Although the chances of the patients being infected are very low it is still precautionary that each person is tested for HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

Not only did the nurse fail to change the syringe of the hypodermic needle but also failed to administer the correct dose of the vaccine. The amount was less than recommended and although not harmful to the patient it can mean that they are not fully protected from the flu. In other words those who received the jab could still get the flu as they do not have enough of the vaccine in their body to fight it. It has therefore been recommended that those who were treated get another flu injection this season to make sure that this time around they are fully protected.

It is not known yet whether or not the nurse who administered the flu shot will be receiving disciplinary action. Although unfortunate two mistakes have been made, one which could seriously affect the lives of others if it is found that such infections are present in the blood.

For now those who were injected will have to wait patiently for their results.

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